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The all-in-one household staffing and estate management platform to simplify life at home.
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Your home should be an oasis, but running a household is complex — and that complexity only increases with the number of properties to manage, service professionals to employ, assets to maintain, and vendors to coordinate.

We believe in the art of household management.  

Nines is built specifically for relieving the challenges of private households and their employees.

With security and a deep commitment to service at its core, our all-in-one platform helps private households maintain integrity by centralizing essential information, streamlining communication, and ensuring continuity.

The New Luxury in Household Management

Centralize Essential Information
Track your household’s most important tasks in real time, and automatically keep historical records for easy access in the future. Protect your household’s privacy with a tool built on a foundation of security, and ensure your data doesn’t get lost or mishandled in text messages, emails, or other miscellaneous apps.

Streamline Communication 

Empower everyone in your household to find the direction and help they need, without micromanaging and constant back and forth. Keep oversight, avoid costly mistakes, and reduce the painful turnover of employees and vendors with the help of clear, convenient communication tools.
Ensure Continuity
Take ownership over all of the communications, relationships, tasks and processes in your home. Have peace of mind knowing your household’s institutional knowledge is preserved, even as employees and vendors change over time.
Centralize household information to empower stakeholders and ensure continuityCentralize household information to empower stakeholders and ensure continuity
The mission of Nines is to simplify and elevate household life.The mission of Nines is to simplify and elevate household life.
Our Mission

The Heart of
Your Home

Nines is on a mission to modernize the private service industry. Our goal is to simplify and elevate household life for both principals and their employees.

Our first of its kind technology streamlines household management for families and the people who support them, supporting complex modern workflows with the highest security.

Our Easemakers community for private service professionals supports household employees with resources and professional development to help them grow in their careers and provide the best service in the industry.


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